Monday, June 4, 2012

Alberta quit smoking program.

Many health agencies or local community. QuitCore is a FREE group support program from Alberta Health Services, designed to help people quit smoking. Join now to start your FREE quit smoking program AND access exclusive. There is a wide range of quitting options available in Alberta to help smokers quit. Can call directly or have your healthcare provider use the fax referral program. Quitting smoking - programs and resources. How can I get help to quit smoking or using spit tobacco? Do you live outside Edmonton but within Alberta and want to quit smoking? Get together a minimum of 4 people who want to quit smoking, and we will bring. Beat the Nicodemon at his own game with our FREE quit-smoking program! Home; Ask; Assess; Arrange; Assist; Advice. Led by trained instructors, the. AlbertaQuits is operated by Alberta Health Services.

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