Friday, June 1, 2012

Ecig mod kits.

No more analogs! e-cig mod list, price, suppliers, manufacturers, e cigarette. Our list is the most comprehensive list of e-cig mods anywhere. If not, then the cheapest kit will be chosen. Add To Cart · VapeBox VV from Mister-E-Liquid. MOD Kits at Dragonfly eCigs - Distributor of Joyetech T, eGO-T. Com ejuice juice nicotine bottles lanyard kits 3. Base unit price: N/A, Full kit price: $76 / £50. The new version of this mod has venting holes on the bottom and has an eGo-T type head with the outside threads to accept eGo-T.

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  1. After doing some online research, I got my first e-cig kit on Vaporfi.